Personal Lines

At Allstar West Insurance, we provide the highest level of personal attention to our clients. As an independent insurance agency, we have been offering personalized insurance services to our clients for over 90 years.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is one of the most important kinds of insurance you need. This type of insurance can protect against damage to the home and against damage to items inside the home. Additionally, this type of insurance may protect you from accidents that happen at home or may have occurred due to actions of your own. We offer competitive quotes and same-day coverage for personal lines insurance  including specialty insurance and hard-to-place risks. 

  • Homeowners

  • Dwellings

  • Condos 

  • Builders’ Risks

  • Vacant 

  • Personal Liability

  • Personal Umbrella 

Renters Insurance

It's important to remember that your landlord does not provide insurance for your personal property. Having all of your personal possessions destroyed in a fire or other insurable event, without coverage, is a tragedy that does not have to happen. To protect your belongings, you should consider purchasing renter’s insurance, also known as “tenant’s insurance.” The renter’s policy may be used to provide coverage for your personal contents located in the property that you occupy. Coverage is also provided for loss of use, personal liability protection and medical payments to others.
Coverage generally provided under a Renters policy
Coverage C (Personal Property) An amount, designated by the insured, subject to a minimum
as determined by your insurance company
Coverage D (Loss of Use) 20% of Coverage C
Coverage E (Personal Liability) Generally subject to a minimum of $100,000
Coverage F (Medical Payments Generally subjectThe coverage protects against damage to the physical property, contents of the property, and personal injury within the home.

Renter's insurance covers:

  • Home, apartment, or condominium rental

  • Short term rentals

  • Vacation rentals

Condominium Insurance

Like renters' insurance, condominium unit-owners' insurance provides coverage for personal property, loss of use, personal liability and medical payments to others. However, it also includes coverage for damages to the interior of the unit and improvements for which the unit owner is responsible to maintain in accordance with the governing rules of the condominium association. Coverage for loss of use is generally limited to 40 percent of the personal property limit.
Loss assessment may be an important coverage for you to consider, because it covers you for certain assessments that the condominium association makes as a result of a loss. However, you should check if
it covers earthquake and how much coverage it will provide you in the event of an earthquake loss.
The condominium association generally purchases insurance for the building structure and common areas, such as corridors and walls. You should carefully review the type of insurance your association
has and how it would affect you in the event of a loss. 

Personal Watercraft Insurance

 It’s important to know whether you have adequate insurance coverage for your PWC, especially since your homeowner or auto insurance typically won’t cover them or, if they do, the coverage may be limited. 

Most Personal Watercraft policies will cover these three areas:

Bodily injury
Property damage
Medical payments

Typically, policies include deductibles for property damage, theft and medical payments. Most policies include liability limits, which vary by state. Liability coverage typically provides financial protection in case you are liable as a result of a covered accident. If you own several PWCs, each one will need to be insured, but may not require its own policy, as some boat insurance policies can be built to cover personal watercraft as well. Check with your agent to review your options.